Tyndall AFB

Solicitation Number: HDEC08-10-R-0003

Customer Name: Defense Commissary Agency

Eastern Region
5151 Bonney Road, Suite 201
Virginia Beach, VA 23465-4314

Telephone: (757) 284-3113 Fax: (757) 284-3124

POC/Contracting Off: Ms. Darnell Folks-Contracting Officer

Contract #: DECA01-00-C-0023

Description of Service/Product: Providing Shelf Stocking, Custodial, Receiving/Storage/Holding Area Services at the Tyndall AFB Commissary, located in Panama City, Florida.

Start Date:1 March 2000 Completion Date: 28 February 2005-extended until 8/31/05 (contract ended)
Place of Performance: Tyndall AFB Commissary, Panama City, Florida
Total Contract Value: $2,237,000.03
Percentage of Contract Value Subcontracted: None
Number of Subcontractors: None
Equipment provided by : Consolidated Support Services, Inc.
Supplies provided by : Consolidated Support Services, Inc.
Training provided by : Consolidated Support Services, Inc.

Customer Point of Contact Other than Contracting Officer (inspector, quality assurance evaluator, commissary officer):
Name: Mr. Michael G. Yaksich
Title: Commissary Officer

Tyndall AFB Commissary
220 Mall Lane, Suite 1
Tyndall AFB, Florida 32403-6290

: (850) 283-4825
Fax: (850) 734-8209